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"Something For Everyone…
You Can Put To Use In Minutes"

Doug has written a very thorough and easy to This is one of the essential pieces in all internet marketers toolkits.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in IM for some time the Magic SEO Book has something for everyone.

There are some great example files included with the Guide which you can put to use in minutes.

Chris Egan

TubeNaire Creator

"Ranked #3 In Just Two Days

I am fairly new to all the techy stuff.

When I first got the SEO Magic Book I was afraid it was a little over my head.As it turns out, I could easily understand and put into action the different techniques taught in the guide.

The best part was that I now understand the SEO tactics I have been trying implement all along. Now I not only know about how they work I know how to use them more effectively.

I used just the first three tactics...including a secret advanced tactic and ranked #3 in just two days for a keyword I had been vying for.

Now I have implemented other tactics in the book and can't wait to see the results.

Thanks Doug!

Sheila Atwood

“I Vote This The Greatest Seo
Book Of All Time”

his is coming from a fellow that have been marketing on the web since 2001.

I’ve read over 50 books and over 1000 articles on this subject matter so I believe I know what I’m talking about. Nothing and I mean nothing comes close to the Magic Seo Book.

Everything is logically laid out and is easy to follow. There are additional source code that will help you outsmart your competition, and for the first time ever I have actually read an implemented a legitimate seo secret.

All that I ask is that if you purchase this product please don’t move into my niche market!

Isaac Woods

"This Book Is About Many SEO Intricate
Details That Most People Overlook!"
Doug, Good Job!”

I have a couple of your products and all I can say, you over-deliver!

This book is about many SEO intricate details that most people overlook.

I can say, most people overlook more than 60% of the things in the book.

If you don't want to drop yourself behind your competitors, it is time to pickup this book and really look into the intricate details.

Doug not only have them spelled out clearly, but also included many examples, not only in codes, but the exact files to show you how they look like when implemented.

Good job Doug!

Daniel Tan

"I Have Bought At Least 10 Various Courses
(By Top Gurus In SEO) Over The Last 3 Years On
SEO But Nothing Come Close To What You Have
Put Together In Magic Seo Book"

Hey Doug,
I was impressed! It's straight to the point, easy-to-understand and packed with great SEO tips that everyone who do business online needs to know.

I now realize that the Magic Seo Book is the ONLY guide I will ever need to establish my search engine presence.

Thank you!

Ben T

"A Perfect 10!!!"

This book is GREAT GUIDE for implementing SEO in your website.

The author sheds light on some of the commonly known techniques and describes how to use them.

At the same time, he shares techniques that are fresh and new. All his strategies are above-board and white hat.

You don't have to worry about being black-listed or banned using these techniques.

The book is 68 pages long, indexed with a Table of Contents, and laid out in an orderly fashion.

Anyone already using SEO strategies in their sites will want to get this book to learn some of the truly unique tricks the author teaches.

Beginners will find that this is one of the easiest tools for learning SEO.

The author clearly walks you through each step and provides sample scripts that go along with the book so you can either practice with them or cut and paste them into your existing sites.

The techniques are quick and easy to implement and, if you use them often, they it will quickly become second nature to include them in websites you create later on.

If you are involved in SEO, this is a tool that will not waste your money.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest) I give the book the following ratings:
     • Quality of Content: 10
     • Easy to Read and Understand: 10
     • Indexing Quality: 10. Table of Contents is included
     • Resources Available 10. Includes samples and a collection of resource links at the end of        the book.
     • Overall Rating: 10. This is a very good book

Buck McDanie

"The Magic SEO Book Goes Deep
Beyond The Normal Or Regular
SEO Strategies"

When building an online business, sooner or later you'll face the need to drive traffic to your website. Many books about SEO has been written and discussed and we all know that the right usage of regular SEO strategies, be them on-page or out-page, will pay off in time and it will provide longevity to our site.

But the 'Magic SEO Book' goes deep beyond the "normal" or "regular" SEO strategies. Doug reveals a lot of legitimate and white hat techniques that will help you to gain a real advantage over the majority of your competitors. In fact, I found in this Guide techniques that I didn't dream about.

I have checked them, I read in Google, W3C and other authority sources, and didn't find any evidence or suggestion that any of these technique may be harmful to your SEO efforts. So, these strategies and techniques are white hat, widely accepted and rewarded by search engines.

Also Doug designed this guide with an excellent rhythm and balance. For each technique he presents, he explains it and present its advantages, he tells you exactly what to right now in your websites. It's not just general and broad talk. It's precise, detailed and with clear examples on how to do things.

With Magic SEO Book Doug provided the Internet Marketing professionals community with a very useful and clearly advantageous resource. I am already implementing these strategies in my web sites. And if you are making a real effort in SEO you'll gain a lot by following Doug advices.

Thanks Doug for sharing all of these with us.

Jorge Bento

“It Gave Me Powerful Insights On How
I Could Apply These Concepts To
Increase My Sales And Conversions”

Hey Doug, even as a SEO consultant, you have provided a great deal of SEO information and strategies that even I am still able to apply in my own business.

I especially like your secrets on xhtml and your powerful targeting and segmenting the web users from a variety of demographics.

It gave me powerful insights on how I could apply these concepts to increase my sales and conversions.

Great course there, Doug!

George Tee

"The Strategies Revealed Here Are
(Even If You're A Technophobe)!"

If you're serious about making money online then you've probably caught on by now that SEO is an important part of your strategy. Having your pages rank high in the search engines can bring you lots of free traffic.

I've read my fair share of books on SEO over the past few years so when I heard about the Magic SEOBook I will admit that I was expecting to read more of the same.

But I was wrong.

This 68 page ebook has no fluff or padding, instead it walks you through 7 techniques that you can use to improve the optimization on your site.

And the best part? The tips revealed in the book remind you that you're not building your website just for the spiders and bots, you're building your site to be read by humans - prospective buyers! The strategies revealed here are easy to follow and implement (even if you're a technophobe) and there are activities for you to complete to actually take action.

Just reading the book isn't enough to improve your rankings - you have to actually put this stuff into practice I'm only part way through the actions but I will definitely complete them all because I know that what I have just learned in the Magic SEO Book is going to give my websites another all important traffic boost.

Clare Swindlehurst

The Methods And Tips You List In Your Ebook Are "Amazing"

Doug, I must say after reading your 'Magic SEO Book' I am more than impressed.I have been marketing online for a long time and the methods and tips you list in your ebook are "Amazing".

I have already implemented some of the techniques you outline in your ebook.

It is easy to follow and you basically gave me the blueprint to send real targeted traffic to my website.

Thanks again for producing such an amazing ebook and if you are looking to get FREE targeted traffic to your website (and who isn't) you MUST get this ebook.

Marcel Vinson

"I Keep Grumbling To Myself For
Not Thinking Of This 5 Years Ago
(No, TEN Years Ago)"

"Reading through the Magic SEO book, I kept having those V-8 forehead slapping moments.

Those "Dang, that's so obvious! Why didn't I think of that?" moments.

Just as an example, Chapter One covers one of the easiest "white-hat" changes you can make to your website, and one which should reap instant results.

But as I'm reading through that first chapter, I keep grumbling to myself for not thinking of this 5 years ago (no, TEN years ago).

I should have been reaping the benefits of this fix since a decade ago.

But it doesn't stop with Chapter One.

Each chapter in Magic SEO gives you "solid as concrete" steps to follow to make changes to the way your site looks and feels to the casual user, all of which will help you capture visitors, make sales, or whatever the objective of your site happens to be.

If you own or supervise even one website, no matter what the niche, you are going to improve your rankings and your traffic by following the steps found in Magic SEO. No doubt about it in my mind.

Jeff Glenellis

“There Is One Technique In Particular
That I Was Not Aware Of, And Now That I
Know About It - I Wish Doug Would
Remove It From His Ebook "

This is what I call a proper ebook. None of that PLR or 2 hr nonsense here. The Magic SEO book is very thoughtfully written and filled with useful original content.

Frankly speaking, Doug has shared techniques that very few people think about, let alone implement.

There is one technique in particular that I was not aware of, and now that I know about it - I wish Doug would remove it from his ebook.

I have found that there is a lot of mileage in focusing on the things that your competition neglect, and with the Magic SEO book, you'll be able to do just that.

Thanks Doug for a top notch read. I definitely plan to implement some of the nuggets you so kindly shared.


"It Is Like A Tactical Pocket
Book For A Soldier"

I am quite pessimistic when it comes about SEO teachings and "magics". It wasn't different when I was offered a copy of this book for review.

And I was pleasantly surprised!

It turned out to be a useful little guide.

It is like a tactical pocket book for a soldier. A private, I mean. You still need the strategical manual for the general to get the big picture, but for the everyday (SEO) survival tactics Doug's book is a great asset.

The methods described in the book are very well documented through step by step details that are easy to follow even for a beginner marketer.

Doing on-site search engine optimization is a constant learning process anyway.

One can start with the simplest ones and gradually adding more and more as they become more experienced.

You just have to start doing it!

Istvan Horvath

“Awesome Book!!!"

Hi Doug,
Your Magic seo book really contain a lot of information about on-page SEO and everyone should get this product to make their website search engine friendly.

Ranking in the search engine depend on 2 factor which are on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

By leveraging with a website that has good on-page SEO, it will be much easier to rank well in the search engine.

Awesome book.

Winson Yeung

"Amazed At The Results!"


I've just finished reading your new SEO guide and I'm impressed!

You clearly have a lot of knowledge about the elusive world of SEO and I'm pleased to have learned some of the most important techniques from you, thanks to this product.

One of the most helpful things about the course is the way you show us examples for everything, so that even if one finds some of the concepts difficult, you make them clear by providing real world examples.

The folders of specific examples are invaluable as a learning aid.Just using the site validation tool was a real eye-opener and revealed over 100 things that I need to modify to make my search marketing effective.

And I thought I knew about search engine marketing! Turns out I only knew a tiny amount, but with your help, I now have a deeper understanding of SEO.

Oh, and your tuition on the search engine robots and the 404 error page is easily worth the price of the book alone.

I'm implementing the 404 stuff right now.

Thanks for a great guide that I know will help me improve my business.

Matt Duggan

Matt Duggan

"Includes Everything You Need
To Know To Get Targeted Traffic
From The Search Engines"

Doug has written a very thorough and easy to read report on search engine optimization that includes everything you need to know to get targeted traffic from the search engines.

This is like an A-Z Guide To SEO and is a very well researched and easy to follow guide with techniques that even a novice at creating websites will find very easy to implement.

I myself have struggled with certain elements in SEO that's why i was so amazed with the step by step instructions Doug put together...

Thanks Doug

Craig Caron

"Magic SEO Book Works...
Plain And Simple!!!"

Let me get straight to the point.

Doug's 'Magic SEO Book' works... plain and simple!!!

We all know how important SEO is for the success of our websites.

If you succeed with it you stand a strong chance of making a lot of money from your online business.

Unfortunately, if you fail to SEO your website you'll soon find out that there is no money to be made.

It's fair to say that as a successful online marketer with close to 100 websites up and running online I know a little something about how to SEO my web pages for maximum profitability but the strategies and methods that Doug reveals in his easy to read and straight to the point guide blew me away.

With 68 pages of information broken down into 7 different and unique methods to SEO your website so that it ranks higher in the search engines, drives more visitors and makes you more money it's easy to see why this product is a flat out must have item in your online marketing kitbag.

I'm not known as being much of a tech head and often admit to preferring caveman like strategies to run my online business but Doug's product opened my eyes to some of the more advanced SEO methods without getting me flustered or discouraged.

What I particularly liked about his writing style and breakdown for each method is the action steps he mandates you take at the end of each section and for good reason.

After implementing his first method for one of my more popular websites that was languishing in sales I immediately saw the difference as products orders started arriving the very next day.

In fact, I'm so mesmerized by this one strategy he taught me that I am now implementing it on all of my websites with the expectations that it will significantly boost the amount of money each site makes for me.

But it doesn't stop there because there are still 6 more methods outlined by Dave in a no-fluff easy to understand manner that will add to the credibility of your website in the eyes of the search engines.

These methods are just as powerful as the first strategy he reveals.I visited one of the many sites and resources he recommends through this power punching report and discovered that one of my highest ranking sites (currently sitting in position #4 for 2 of the keyword phrases I targeted for it) was loaded with over 350 html errors.

Using the resource he recommends I am now going back to fix all of those glaring mistakes in order to help my site reach the overall goal of a top placing on the first page of Google for my selected keyword phrases.

Make no mistake about it, whether you are a novice webmaster or a seasoned SEO expert there is something for everyone to learn in this guide and you won't find this information on any public Internet marketing forums because it truly is that valuable and secretive.


Tim Corman

"A Great Step By Step Non-Tech
Guide That Is Simple, Jargon-Free
To Technical SEO"

A great step by step non-tech guide that is simple, jargon-free to technical SEO.

Even if you are not IT trained, you will understand the various technical components that are required to SEO your website.


"These Are Not Your Typical
SEO Techniques That You See
Every Day"

he 'Magic Seo Book' is unique in many ways - I found the layout exceptional and easy to read, but the content is where the real value lies.

These are not your typical SEO techniques that you see every day.

The thing I also liked is the "quick start" portion letting me know exactly what I should do first.

68 Pages of extremely valuable content and "other goodies", no fluff.

This is a "must have" addition to your seo arsenal."


"SEO From Different

Hey Doug,

What a great ebook about SEO from different perspective...

I particularly like the SEO-Copywriting concept which I never thought about it before...

This is not some normal boring SEO ebook, I thought I know it all about SEO but you have pointed an overlook on site optimization method, NOT only to get better SERP but also to increase the CTR which is very important.

What's the point of being in the first page but NO ONE clicking your link... you nailed this problem with your ebook!

Great Job!

Heri Rosyadi

“This Guide Takes A Completely
Different Approach To The
Subject & Most Of The Tips And
Tactics Were New To Me”

I'm not exactly new to SEO and to be honest, I expected to find the same old advice that makes up most of the content of most SEO guides out there.

And I have to say: I was pleasantly surprised.

This guide takes a completely different approach to the subject and most of the tips and tactics were new to me.

Also, even though some of the methods require coding and I am what is usually referred to as a "coding idiot", I can still implement everything; Doug included templates and examples for every chapter in the guide, so that people like me can just copy and paste.

In a nutshell, this guide is different. Different in a good way.

Shane Melaugh

"Magic Seo Book Is Going To At
Least Double If Not Triple
My Profits"

Implementing what I learned from Magic Seo Book is going to at least double if not triple my profits.

You’ll learn about Platinum seo copywriting and we all know how important your copy is.

The quick start marketing campaigns will give you step by step instructions of what to do and how to do it.

The advice on how to keep your link juice from being diluted by "peasant pages" and how to monetize 404 errors is brilliant!

The resource pages alone make this a very valuable seo product but the section on 'International Marketing' is golden. Go ahead and purchase all of the $197 super advanced seo information products you want.

But before you do, invest your time and energy into getting the fundamentals right by reading the 'Magic Seo Book'. You'll be glad you did!


"Wow Guys! These Techniques Rock!"

I have studied Seo and am not going to tell you I am expert by any stretch of the means.

What I will tell you is I do know a little more than the average kid on the block.

The reason I tell you this is so that you know that I have different approaches and many different opinions to how Seo works.

Now that being said when I went to review Doug's book I thought sure I could use a little refresher course, why not.

However, I had learned so much. I not only learned something that I didn't know, I also learned something that will help my business!

The book is really well laid out with and even his call to actions in there to get you off of your butt and do something instead of just throwing a bunch of stuff at you.

The last thing I am going to say is that I also felt Doug was talking to me and not just throwing information at me.

So you will be getting not only a good book to read but a book that will teach you something to grow your business.

Best Wishes,

Chris Jenkins

"I Was Floored By A Couple Of Unique
And Highly Innovative Approaches!
Things I Never Would Have Thought Of
But In Hindsight Make Perfect
(Out Of The Box Thinking) Sense"

SEO has always been a fun subject for me.

I like the results and I love the lateral thinking behind the really ingenious SEO ideas and being a former member of an $800/month coaching program I have studied a lot of SEO techniques, processes and ideas.

And that is what you will find in this report, solid, well thought-out and proven SEO strategies.

I was floored by a couple of unique and highly innovative approaches: things I never would have thought of but in hindsight make perfect (out of the box thinking) sense.

However, there is something more than just great content here.

If pure information equated to wealth then every librarian would be a multi-millionaire but that is rarely the case.

What I really enjoyed about this report was the step by step instructions.

You clearly have a knack for making things sound both straight forward and do-able, so much so I stopped twice during my first read through to go and check and then implement a couple of your suggestions.

Reading this I have some new action items on my to-do list, and I am confident all of them will result in better SERPs placements, better exposure and ultimately more sales.


AJ Silvers

Online Digital Coaching “making eBusiness easy”

"I Have Never Seen Anything
That Captures The Full Spectrum
Of Search Engine Optimization
Like Yours Does"

I have seen a lot of offers for different search engine optimization plans or strategies that have come down the pike.

But after reviewing your product, I must admit that I have never seen anything that captures the full spectrum of search engine optimization like yours does.

Likewise, your marketing strategies are very unique, and quite frankly, are ideas I have never even thought of.

I would highly recommend your offer to anyone who is interested in learning the real nuts and bolts of search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

Best regards,

Tim Spears

"Expect Great Results"

I found Doug's report to very thorough technically.

He doesn't miss a step.

Once these things are done you should expect great results.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants and needs to be a success at SEO correctly.

Gina Gray

“Many Of The Things Covered I Had
No Idea About... And I Consider
Myself Rather Experienced”

So many people focus on off-site SEO strategies (i.e. backlink building, linkwheels, profile links, etc.), but completely forget about how important on-site optimization actually is. The Magic SEO Book has you covered.

Many of the things covered I had no idea about... and I consider myself rather experienced.

Bottom line... if you have been focusing strictly on off-site SEO, then I highly recommend you pick up this guide and get your website optimized correctly.

Adam Bshero

"I Like The Title Trick To Really Grab
The Search Engine Traffic - I Really
Thought That Was Quite Genius"

Hi Doug,

I like the Action Implementation. I like the fact that you encouraged us take action instead of just reading.

I've been exposed to On-Site SEO for a while, but some of the ideas you've shared I've never heard before.

I like the title trick to really grab the Search Engine Traffic.

I also liked the idea of how to shield your site from being banned by Google for backlink building.

I really thought that was quite genius.

Overall, I think that those that are looking for good information about on-site SEO should definitely check this guide out!

Thank you once again,

Mark S.

"Simply Brilliant And Makes
Your Sites Stick Out On Google"

I like how Doug organized this course so that you could learn about each technique at separate times then easily apply them with easy examples you can copy and paste.

Doug's html title trick is simply brilliant and makes your sites stick out on Google
(for more traffic) no matter where it is on the page.

I like how he combines conversions along with on page SEO something that is severely lacking in every product I've seen.

Jeff Bode

"Increase In Click Throughs"

I've been studying SEO for the past three years and I can say that I know a lot about search engine optimization and have achieved a lot of #1 rankings in Google and the other major search engines with my websites.

But still, I learned new techniques that I didn't know how to implement them before.

Doug does explain everything in a very easy to understand way.

He shows step by step how to optimize your website for better search engine rankings and he has included examples, so that you can easily implement those techniques into your own website.

The parts I liked most was the Title element conundrum and Platinum seo copywriting.

I started implementing the Platinum seo copywriting on one of my sites and could see an increase in click throughs.

I can highly recommend Doug's latest Magic SEO Book to anyone, doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a veteran in SEO.

Everyone can learn some new techniques which will help getting better search engine rankings and more traffic to your website.

Daniel Waser

WPFacePages 3.2

"Out-Of-Box White-Hat
Techniques You Can Begin Using
Immediately To Boost Your
Search Engine Rankings!"

The Magic SEO Book really has something for everyone. Whether you're a newbie or advanced Internet marketer.

When I first started reading the course, I thought I might be in over my head.

It all seemed a bit too techie.But Doug has a wonderful way of breaking down the complicated into easy to understand bite sized chunks that anyone can understand.

He also clearly demonstrates that the methods he discusses are essential if you want to succeed on the net.

Don't follow these methods and you simply won't see the swarms of traffic your website deserves and can easily obtain just by making a few tweaks.

And they only take just a few seconds.

But what I really liked about Doug's course, other than his ability to uncomplicate the SEO process, is that he provides actual examples of the tools behind his Magic SEO.

I've known for years about redirects. But wait until you see Doug's actual example. And there are other similar examples as well - 7 in total.

All dedicated to demonstrating the powerful Magic SEO techniques contained in Doug's course.

These sample files are downloaded as part of the course. So you can use them immediately.

Let me make it clear, the Magic SEO techniques are not your everyday standard "been there done that" methods.

They truly are unorthodox, and out-of-box white hat techniques you can begin using immediately to boost your search engine rankings.

I consider myself a rather savvy marketer and seo guy.

But Doug showed me some techniques that totally rock!All the Best,

Jay Douglas

Online Digital Coaching “making eBusiness easy”

“This Course Was Innovative,
With Many Interesting Uses And
Fixes For On Page Optimization I Have
Never Heard About”

There are very few courses about onsite SEO. Especially when considering how important this is, as it has a lot to say for the effect of your off-page marketing efforts.

This course was innovative, with many interesting uses and fixes for on page optimization I have never heard about.

It covers everything from titles, to redirects, to factors few people have heard about.

Though onsite optimization can be hard for people with little technical knowledge, the ebook was written in a way I everyone will understand.

There are useful sources, and attached examples that makes it simple. I also like that every chapter is broken down to "action plans" at the end.

Overall, a good read. If you're working with SEO or/and web development, or want to learn about it, I'm sure you will find this course extremely helpful.

It's even useful for people who are afraid of getting banned from google with their blackhat stuff. (You'll see why inside!)

Best Regards,

Preben Frenning

“Guess What, NO ONE Does It! I've Been
Practicing This For Some Time And It’s
An Opportunity To Actually Make A Call To
Action Right From The Serp's. Good Stuff! Loving It So Far”

Hey I just wanted to put in my two cents worth.

I'm not even finished with the report yet but when you started talking about meta description I just had to take a moment and post.

This is a topic that I have known about for quite some time and I've preached it to the members of my article syndication network. I even provide a section in the user back end so they can explicitly put a meta description for their articles.

Guess what, NO ONE does it! I've been practicing this for some time and its an opportunity to actually make a call to action right from the serp's.

Good stuff! Loving it so far!

Rus Sell

“Look Big Daddy Dougp Knows His Stuff
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Dougp.... I have seen this offer before and missed it. Not this time.... I had seen that you have updated it… thanks brother.

Look Big daddy dougp knows his stuff and if you don’t know diddley about SEO then you need this and you need this last week!

I can hit page one with low comp. long tailed keywords but, am ready to supercharge more pages that are harder to rank for... and keep them there from the beginning... so am going with this.



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Everyone knows that targeted traffic is the golden key to winning in online marketing. The problem is, to the person who needs to understand traffic the most (a newbie) most of the available courses and information are overwhelming or downright arcane.

And often way-too expensive. We need somebody to just put it in plain English, all the necessary methods and white-hat tricks, none of the extra dross and old methods that don't work anymore.

In comes Doug, with this master collection of sure-fire traffic generating techniques, all clearly spelled-out in a way even a person who just found their computer's power button could understand.

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Dougp thinks outside the box and if you are looking to learn SEO, this guide is a must.

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I have bought many seo guides but this one is definitively beyond them.

When I read about a redirecting technique, I was enlightened. I understood why one of my site is always dancing on Google. Definitively worth a buy.


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recently went back to college for web design. I learned more with this book than from all the classes I've been taking.

It is really worth the investment... some of my books cost $100+ and they don't teach you this much.

They are dry, boring full of junk... This one gets to the point.
Hope this helps anyone thinking about this.

CJ Lang

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